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How did you choose your market niche?

Samantha says, Oh! That was easy. My friends love decking out their cars, I know the lingo and how fanatical it can get. And its great, a real money maker! Down the road Id like to have a fashion and cosmetic site, that one will be more girly of course.

Each website Samantha builds follows the proven, 8-step system developed by James Martell for web site construction. These principals are incorporated into Samantha's successful specialty shopping sites.

Keywords are the search engine building blocks. Marketing on the Internet is all about placement and being seen. To be successful you need keywords that people use for queries on the search engines. That's how your site will be found. James provides a proven formula for choosing keywords and producing keyword focused content.

How did you discover that Ground Effects are associated with cars?

Samantha says, That one surprised me. It didnt sound like a car accessory word at all, but on key word tracking it proved otherwise. The buyers know its specifically about cars. Just, goes to show you, you should never assume you know a market really well, before researching the key words.

Can you give another example how this keyword driven content works?

Samantha says, Type Honda body kits as a query on a search engine. What you'll find is an article on my website with the exact keyword Honda body kits. By following Jamies system you get top positioning on the search engines and the traffic to prove it!

How do you measure the success of your efforts?

You need traffic and conversion to make affiliate marketing work and to make money. With Commission Junctions tracking system you can check merchant activity, monitor which site is getting sales, and where the sales are coming from. Say for example, if a keyword isn't driving the orders, you know where to tweak it, so it can perform like the high rollers.

How about the money?

Initially, Samantha set a goal of earning the equivalent of her part time job working at a grocery store. Now she's making enough money to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. And the University of Victoria is not cheap! Her next major goal is earning $10,000/month.

What's your favorite part of the business?

Samantha likes writing the articles and the visual aspect of building a website, making sure the colors are aesthetically pleasing. When asked what else is there, she laughed and coyly said, Watching the money roll in.

What advice would you give another student?

1.       Read James Mar tells Affiliate Marketers Handbook and subscribe to his Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter; you'll learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

2.       Set goals. Even its a small one, like writing ten pages a day. It makes a huge difference having the goal and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with it.

3.       Write articles that appeal to your audience. Remember to make it creative and interesting to read.

4.       Validate the keywords. Have several sources that show the keywords for your market.

5.       Say goodbye to procrastinating. Make the time. Just do it. The payoffs worth it.






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