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Affiliate Program Basics - Build The Foundation to Succeed

Affiliate Programs...They can be a huge success or a miserable failure. Unfortunately most people new to the game experience the latter. It doesn't have to be that way. It just takes a little dedication and an open ear to listen to these solid foundation building techniques. We will focus on Internet based affiliate programs, but the same principles apply to most businesses.

Step 1 - Develop a plan

Although this seems to be an obvious concept, few people actually do it. It is very easy to focus on the end result (Hopefully bucket loads of cash), they we skip over the details of how we are going to achieve this success.
Do you research and determine exactly what you want to do before you start anything. As part of this plan, you will need to determine the market you want to tackle.

Step 2 - Find your niche

Another problem people have is that they try to be everything to everyone. They build a website and put all kinds of affiliate links on their site. Then they wonder why they aren't getting rich. They have hundreds of affiliate links on their site, so what's the problem?

The key here is focusing on what your visitors would be interested in. If you have a website on cooking, don't use affiliate links that take people to gambling site, internet marketing sites or web hosting companies. What you should use are links such as recipe sites, cooking utensil stores, etc. You will have a much higher click through rate, and with it, an increase in sales.

Step 3 - Build a clean, fast website

Your local web developer may hate me for saying this, but the best websites are those that are the simplest. The intense graphics and state-of-the-art technology like flash intros, animation and voices do no belong on most websites. The key to a high converting website is providing quality information, that loads quickly for the user, without a bunch of distractions. A simply layout that is easy to navigate, colors that are pleasing to the eyes and easy to read text will convert many more visitors to customers that the "latest technology" out there ever will. Most people use the Internet to find information. Few use it solely to make a purchase, but if your site is easy to use, it may be able to convince an "information gatherer" to pull out their credit card and make a purchase through your affiliate links.

Step 4 - Choose quality affiliate programs

Be sure to find reputable sellers to work with. You will be selling their products, so make sure it is something worthwhile. Your reputation is on the line as well, since you will be sending YOUR visitors to them. Nothing is more painful than when you send visitors to other sites that make sales, but do to poor quality products people begin asking for refunds. All the hard work you did to get people to buy is in vain, because when people ask for refunds, you lose your commission. It is highly recommended that you purchase the product you are going to be promoting to see if it is of good quality, whenever possible.

Step 5 - Be Patient

Finally, the number one killer most affiliate marketing people face...patience.

Once you have thought everything through and built a great website, begin promoting your website. but whatever you do, be patient! Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick system. It can be considered a deeper level business, in that, once you get it going, it will often continue to make money for a very long time. Get rich quick businesses (which I have yet to find in the last 4 years of looking) typically are here today, gone tomorrow. Affiliate marketing program businesses are built to last. They are intended to bring the owner a good income for a long period of time. For this reason, it often takes a good bit of work for the initial 4-5 months to get a good foundation going and get established search engine rankings.




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