Suzuki Vitara ‘game changing’ SUV launches in Pakistan

Vitara Suzukai

Trailblazer in the small cars industry and producer of successful 4×4 range sports utility vehicles (SUVs), Pak Suzuki on Wednesday launched one of the lightest SUV’s named Vitara in Pakistan.

The 4th generation crossover Vitara has been introduced in Pakistan in response to the steadily climbing demand of SUVs as trends change in the local vehicle market. To this end, the top of the line Vitara GLX is available for Rs. 3,799,000 and the Vitara GL+ is available for Rs. 3,490,000.

Suzuki Vitara 4th Generation Car

Vitara a combo of style and power
Vitara comes with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine which delivers a decent 118bhp at 6,000 revs. This may not sound much however the USP of this product is its weight. Weighing in at only 1185 kilos the

Vitara is one of the lightest SUV’s on offer. This not only allows it to carry more but also improves its power to weight ratio which stands in at 104 bhp/ton. Other big brands offering turbocharged engines may offer more power however the power to weight ratios remain well under 100 which clearly indicates how well the Vitara is when it comes to performance.

Vitara Infotainment

A unique aspect of Vitara is its infotainment system.
The infotainment system features 10.1 inch touch screen with Android OS. The system also has the ability to connect to user’s mobile phone using Bluetooth and mirror link.

Vitara’s grip and 4WD function

The indigenous “All Grip” function combines 4 driving modes which have been incorporated to give the driver maximum control of the vehicle on all terrains and driving conditions. The car automatically switches between 2WD and 4WD in order to facilitate the driver to ensure the Vitara grips the terrain.

The car also comes with a dedicated lock feature as well which maximizes the extrication of the vehicle if stuck.

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